Cavity Prevention Protocol

Patient Flossing

Once tooth decay eats through the enamel, it spreads quickly through the softer dentin.

Patient Flossing

After tooth decay is removed, the hole is filled with a hard material.


What causes cavities?

Sugars combine with natural oral bacteria to produce acid. Acid attacks the enamel and causes structural breakdown of your tooth. As your tooth begins to break down it weakens and bacteria attaches to the weakened enamel which promotes further destruction known as more commonly as tooth decay. The more acid present, the more tooth decay. People who have low pH or acidic saliva, whether this is because it naturally occurs within them or chemically induced, have higher decay rates.

Sports drinks and all sodas are large contributors to acidic saliva.

Understanding Tooth Decay

Plaque is a sticky coating of bacteria and other substances that forms on your teeth and gums. It can cause two serious problems: tooth decay and gum disease. These problems damage the teeth and gums, and may even lead to tooth loss. When the mouth is well cared for, tooth decay and gum disease can be reversed in their early stages. Better yet, you can prevent these problems from starting by brushing and flossing daily.

    Decay Reducing Products

    XYLITOL-a naturally occurring sugar substitute that is beneficial to good oral health.

    • Fights and reduces cavities
    • Fights cavities by neutralizing acidic saliva and inhibiting decay causing bacteria from adhering to teeth
    • Facilitates the remineraliztion of tooth enamel
    • Soothes and heals mouth sores

    Studies show that 6 grams of Xylitol per day is effective in controlling tooth decay. Ideally the total amount should be spread out in 3 to 5 doses. It is most effective when given immediately after meals.

      XYLITOL for children

      Studies show that Xylitol consumption is especially important for emerging teeth. It is important to take if early signs of caries can be seen or the child has a high rate of plaque formation. Xylitol products can be given to children from 2 years of age and upward.

      XYLITOL for adults up to age 65 and older

      In addition to the reasons stated above, Xylitol makes plaque less cariogenic and easier to brush off.

        Xylitol Products

        Candies, mints, lozenges, gum, oral mists and gels, water, and toothpaste containing xylitol can be found in many pharmacies, natural food stores, vitamin stores, or on the internet.

        Where to purchase products containing Xylitol

        Or call our office and we can provide you with a list of products and where they can be purchased.

        NOTE:  gum needs only to be chewed for 5 minutes to achieve full effect.

        **Prolonged chewing can damage the joint in your jaw.