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Great to be in Maureen’s hands again! Glad we made the switch to Dr Dave. 3-13-19

As always, Maureen was professional, efficient and congenial. She makes the dental experience a good one. 3-7-19

Great visits with Dr. Stebbins and Maureen, both pros! 2-20-19Sonia gave me a very thorough cleaning and explained any questions that I had for her. Ashley was very pleasant and helpful. Dr. Stebbins was very much like my former dentist (who I liked very much), friendly, professional, patient, and explained the course of treatment by showing me the areas of concern in my mouth. I also liked the handouts I was given to further read about suggestions Dr. Stebbins had. 2-5-19

Thanks for making this nervous patient feel comfortable and not judging me that I haven’t seen a dentist in years! 1-31-19

Very pleased with appointment. Everyone was great. Sonia did a wonderful job and Very happy that I am going to be a new patient of Dr. Stebbins. 1-12-19

All of the staff is friendly and professional. I am very pleased with this practice. I would highly recommend you. 1-9-19

Sonia is awesome. On top of being a really nice person She does an excellent job. I never feel any pain, no bleeding and my teeth feel great when she is done. She also is great explaining what she finds and what I need to do when I brush. Thanks! 1-8-19

Maureen was great. As always, I am in and out in 55 minutes. Your office is a well-oiled organization. 1-7-19

Sonia is great! I’m so glad that she has been my hygienist all these years, highly recommend! :) 12-5-18

Dr Stebbins' office is, in its entirety, the finest medical, dental experience I have ever had!  11-15-18

The entire office staff is outstanding. Dr Stebbins is one of the most professional and competent medical professionals I have ever been to. 11-13-18

I just want to say thank you for all you do! Maureen is wonderful and there are no words for Dr. Stebbins, he's the best! Ashley at the front desk is always welcoming and accommodating. 10-30-18

Maureen always has a great touch! She makes the appointment go well. Dr. Stebbins was informative and helpful. This practice has an awesome team! 10-30-18

We love the entire staff and we are always greeted like family ! Thank you for keeping all 5 of us so healthy :)! 10-25-18

Ashley, the front desk receptionist and Maureen, my hygienist were phenomenal as usual. The whole family loves them. 10-8-18

Ashley at the front desk is wonderful. Very few doctor offices were the receptionist acknowledges you by name when you walk in. 10-2-18

 Sonia and Ashley were wonderful, as was Renee when I originally contacted the office as a new patient a couple weeks ago. Delighted to begin this new relationship! 9-28-18

I was late due to traffic and Sonia was very understanding. Her care is professional. She is a very calming influence on what can be an anxious situation. Doc Stebbins is always on the ball spotting work that was on his watchlist. I am very impressed with how very high tech your practice has become. all to the better. Thanks 9-26-18

They were very accommodating to my fear of the dentist and I appreciate it. 9-25-18

[My son] had a great appointment. It wasnt a pleasant situation for him, but given the circumstances of his tooth, it was amazing that you fit us in at the last minute and took care of the extraction on the spot. We were very pleased with the results and thanks for the great experience, 9-24-18

Wonderful, family friendly service!! Thanks so much. Happy to have met you all. Thank you for being so nice to my babies :) 9-14-18

I always feel well cared for and comfortable at each appointment and have been coming back for over 25 years. 9-12-18

Maureen (the hygienist) did a great job and explained the cleaning process very well. She was attentive and very friendly. 9-5-18

I love the entire staff at Dr .Stebbins office ! We are so lucky to have found such a wonderful practice for our entire family . 8-29-18

Your staff is wonderful, always smiling and friendly. I did wait a few minutes after my appointment time, maybe 5 or so, so didn't want to check the 15+ box since it wasn't that long. Not a big deal at all. 7-25-18

Excellent first experience, all-around. Shout out to Renee who was extremely helpful in sorting out specifics re an existing FL treatment plan, etc., prior to my appt booking. Also, like the way you use tech to show me and explain what's happening ! 7-15-18

Excellent experience. Everyone very pleasant and everyone knows exactly what is happening , no misunderstandings or confusion. . Am referring my son to Dr. Stebbins. 6-27-18

An excellent experience, as usual. I have referred this dental practice to many of my colleagues and friends and will continue to. 6-14-18

Maureen was the best hygienist I've had. She was very thorough. Dr Stebbins examined my teeth after and he showed and explained to me the areas of work that need we need to focus on. Both Maureen and Dr Stebbins were very professional and knowledgeable. Also, Ashley, the receptionist, among her other functions, was friendly with good follow-through. 6-13-18

I have often referred patients to you via Nextdoor. I really like Sonia too - she's the first hygienist that hasn't left the sucky thing in my mouth for my entire cleaning. She's gentle and very friendly (but not TOO friendly....) 5-31-18

Sonia was amazing! 5-16-18

The slight filing of my cap was exactly what it needed. Bite now is very comfortable. Sonia is thorough, gentle, reassuring and just the person I need to clean and inspect my teeth. Thank you to all. 5-4-18

Sonia was great! She was gentle and explained everything well. The woman at the front desk (whose name I forgot - sorry!) was very friendly and helpful. A good visit overall. 4-26-18

It was my first visit. I was very happy with everything. Would recommend David Stebbins to anyone. He is the best! 4-25-18

Ahsley is always nice and courteous. My husband and I love ALL of you very good service all the time. Dr Stebbins and Maureen are the best !!! 4-20-18

Always pleased with the service received by the staff. This includes the reception area and Maureen, my hygienist. 4-11-18

The service I received from my dental office is fabulous. I have been a patience for a long time and I am extremely happy with everyone. 3-17-18

Excellent experience as usual. Dr. Stebbins and assitant are great! 3-16-18

Sonia Garcia is a thoughtful and professional all around. She is great. 3-7-18

Can't say that visiting a Dentist is the most pleasant past-time of my day, But visiting your office is very pleasant. I've never had a problem with everyone in Dr. Stebbins' office. Thank you for your advise, friendly smiles, Talk about family is a special treat. THANK YOU, to Dr. Stebbin, and all the other great people of his staff. 2-18-18

Love going to the dentist. The office is always clean & I feel very relaxed. Dr. Stebbins & his team go above & beyond! 2-9-18

Jasmyne ( I think she said with a Y) was calming, quick and friendly. Hope to see her again. I asked many people to recommend their dentist to no avail. My own research led me to Dr Stebbins. Now I have someone to recommend to all of them! 2-2-18

I had to reschedule my appointment, and was informed of the option to use the online portal, which provided me with the visibility to see the available date & time slots, and the ability to reschedule my appointment. Great client services! 1-24-18

I was very impressed with the process of making a crown on site. 1-23-18

Always a pleasure! 1-23-18

Maureen is terrific! Always very personable. She is very knowledgeable and answers any questions that I might have. 1-13-18

Sonya is a great hygienist. She is gentle and thorough !!! 1-11-18

Maureen does a great job. Always nice to see her. Ashley is always very friendly as well. 1-4-18

always as pleasant as a visit to a dentist can be....will continue to recommend this practice. 1-4-18


 My appt was with Maureen for teeth cleaning. As always, a very pleasant experience: questions addressed, very thorough and does not rush appt. I always look forward to my having my teeth cleaned with Maureen : )12-21-17

Maureen is an excellent Hygienist and the boss ain't bad either. You run an excellent ship.12-15-17

I always feel good about my visits to your office. Maureen is expert and friendly and Dr. Stebbins is thorough and reassuring even when drilling!12-6-17

Dorothy filled in for Sonia who was out sick. Dorothy was really great!11-18-17

The entire team is excellent and always exceeds my expectations.11-17-17

Sonia is great. Very nice and professional. You do an outstanding job with your electronic reminders and follow up. Well done. I should take your lead with my business.11-8-17

Maureen has a gentle touch. She made my day by telling me that I have "a slow rate of decay." Dr. Stebbins was friendly and professional. Ashley helped me schedule my next appointment. This office has a great team!10-20-17

I've grown to actually enjoy my dental visits, and I can't say this about any previous dentist I've had. I've referred family and friends and will continue to do so. I love that your office is organized, applies very modern technology and a professional, friendly and compassionate staff.10-4-17

Sonia is great. she is very professional. She is patient and very helpful in explaining things and answering all my questions.10-3-17

Maureen is the best!9-29-17

Ashley is incredible to greet people by name. Sonia is extremely professional.9-12-17

Both Maureen and Dr. Stebbins were wonderful! Renee was fabulous in setting up my appointment and clarifying benefits. Ashley at the front desk greeted me, was kind and welcoming!9-12-17

Our hygienist was amazing with Charles who is only 2 and this was his first appointment. I was expecting screaming and he actually enjoyed it!9-12-17

The receptionist was very friendly. Had a great experience with Sonia whom did my cleaning. She was very professional and made me feel comfortable and gave me cleaning tips. Also met Dr. Stebbins who took his time explaining my upcoming treatment plan. Thank you so much! Highly recommend.8-31-17


I was sooooo nervous about this appointment and have to say that everyone made me feel more at ease. Thank you!! I was also very embarassed about the condition of my mouth but no one made me feel badly about that. Thank you!!!8-29-17

Everyone is wonderful. Ashley does a fabulous job running the front desk. It's always great hearing her voice. :)8-1-17

All went smoothly - as always! :-) The office is run perfectly and everyone is helpful and friendly.7-28-17

Sonia is the best. Very thorough,very nice and very supportive. I do not dread checkups because she is the caregiver.7-14-17

As per usual, I made mental note of the new, updated, state-of-the-art dental tools/equipment used during my visit. As always, Ashley is courteous, efficient, and professional. My hygienist was nothing short of skilled, supportive, and professional, as well. And, of course, Dr. Stebbins is the best in his field!6-28-17

My first cleaning here and Sonia Garcia did a great job.6-20-17

The entire staff from receptionist to administrative staff, physician's assistant and of course Dr. Stebbins, class act. I've been batteling cancer since 2010, I've been in the care of a lot of different teams,some people become numb to the different situations they encouter, however, without knowing my story (although my appearance makes it hard to miss) I felt like they took extra steps to make my visit especially comfortably, or maybe, thats just the tone of the office and I was just the regular new patient. Whatever the reasons I would send every member of my family, my childrens friends and their family, my Pastor and his family, basically anyone I knew that was looking for a comfortable atmosphere and simply kind people, I would send to Dr. Stebbins, by the way, I haven't had one thing done, this was just the exam and consultation, but thats how relaxing the experience was for me.....Truly Grateful 6-9-17

I absolutely love the fact that Dr. Stebbins referred [my son] out to a pediatric dentist. He easily could've just done the work to get the money. But this shows how much he actually cares about the patient!6-8-17

Ashley, Renee, and Maureen are the best!4-14-17

Maureen, Ashley and Dr Stebbins were very cordial and helpful in terms of my appointment and dental services. They make you feel comfortable and do a great job explaining things. As a long term patient I'm very grateful to this great team of professionals.3-25-17

I thought the appt was on 3/1/17 (totally my mistake). Ashley called me to say "come on in"--a full 45 mins late. I felt badly, but was never made to feel so by your staff. They were nothing but warm and welcoming!3-1-17

Maureen was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about my concerns. I appreciate her giving me feedback.2-21-17

Maureen's skill set and technique is exceptional. Heads and shoulders above any other I can compare to.2-4-17

Very pleased with everyone's politeness and professionalism 2-1-17

Love you all- thanks for another stellar appointment! 01-18-17

Everyone is professional and gracious! 10/3/16

Everyone was Wonderful and, in my opinion, nothing there needs any improvement or change. 10/13/16

Maureen is a gem! 10/18/16

To simply state it, Maureen is the best dental hygienist I have ever gone to! And Dr. Stebbins is a wonderful dentist and extremely patient! 10/21/16

 Dr. Stebbins is so clear with what needs to be done, without adding things that aren't really necessary at the time. I'm so glad to be back. 10/21/16

Even tho we were very, very late for our apppintment, which was strictly our Fault, you and your wonderful staff treated us royally. 10/24/16

Great team. Friendly & professional. Makes you feel comfortable in what could be a very uncomfortable stressful setting. Thank you! 10/25/16

you are fantastic ,thank you. 10/28/16

Really like your use of email and text to confirm appointments and to send follow up for next appointment date and time. 11/1/16

Maureen and Dr. S were professional and pleasant as always! 9/20/16

Sonia the dental hygienist was very helpful. I look forward to my next visit 9/14/16

I did like that the hygienist actually used the Oral B Electric toothbrush on my teeth so that I could experience what it felt like. Most dentist sell Oral B electric Tooth Brushes but during my cleaning I was able to experience to see if it were right for me. 9/14/16

Everyone is friendly. I would like the option of headphones and listening to music during procedures. 9/2/16 (Note: We do have headphones available!)

 Don't change anything - it's perfect the way it is!! :-) 8/26/16

 My Hygienist is awesome! She is very warm and exceptionally friendly. She is a natural gem!!!! My wife and I love her very much! 8/24/16

 Thanks for a great cleaning. Love Dr. Dave and his staff! 8/22/16

I had the dental hygienist who was covering for someone who was out - She was EXCELLENT - if ever you needed to look for additional person, I would suggest trying to hire her - And that is not to say the usual hygienist isn't also great. 8/16/16

It may sound absurd, but since I started coming to Dr Stebbins' office for cleaning four times a year (since I am a fountain of plaque), I have had very few appointments for any other reason. 8/16/16

 Maureen is awesome ! 8/11/16

Ms. Garcia has a very professional demeanor and explains everything. 8/10/16

Fantastic hygienist!! 8/5/16

Everyone is always so friendly....starting at the front office, to the dental hygienist, etc. even those who aren't going to work on me, take their time out of their busy schedule to say hi. Great experience! 8/5/16

 We continually refer friends, inquiry's on Wilton411 facebook page, and most of the local family see you anyway. Thanks again for always doing such a great job with our entire family! 7/21/16

 all staff reassuring and knowledgeable for all my dental care I have much confidence in Dr Stebbins and his staff 7/15/16

 The best dental experience bar none ! 7/15/16

 My appointments are always a pleasure. Very professional team  6/24/16

 I'm extremely happy with everything during the visit. Everything was explained throughly. 6/22/16

 I was very concerned that I was so late for my appointment after being stuck in traffic. I called to let the office know, and Renee was very nice and understanding. When I arrived I was greeted kindly and was taken right in.  5/25/16

 Maureen had to work hard on the cleaning (couple of years since I had it done). She did a great, considerate job. Thanks. 5/24/16

 best dentist ever!! and the whole staff is awesome! i feel like family ! 5/18/16

 I'm always grateful for the wonderful, thorough job I receive during my cleanings. 5/11/16

 I love them ALL!! 5/2/16

 I have always been very happy with the way Dr. Stebbin's staff have performed. I always feel welcome and would recommend your office to anyone. 4/26/16

 It's great that prior to dental procedures with the doctor, staff contacts patient with what will and will not be covered by insurance  4/15/16

 I appreciate the quick response to the problem I had when a rear filling broke off. I was in and out in less than an hour and it was virtually pain free. Thank you all again.  3/29/16

 I feel very comfortable with the entire staff I did not feel rushed although the office was taking the time to "fit me in" at a time when I was truly anxious about my dental problem. 3/25/16

 Extremely professional team from front desk to manager to hygienists to Dr. Stebbins 3/22/16

 The dental hygienist  was amazing. Best I've been to in my life. Took the time to explain everything very logically. 3/11/16

 Maureen was out (and I missed seeing her!) but Sophia did a wonderful job. Very thorough. ALL good, as always. 3/7/16

 My hygienist was excellent. She took the time to show me what I could do to have better results when brushing and flossing my teeth and how to care for my gums. 2/18/16

 The staff at Dr. Stebbins office is always so warm and friendly. And Dr. Stebbins' dental assistants are smart and knowledgeable. 2/13/16

 The best cleaning I ever had, thank you . 2/3/16

 I was long overdue for a cleaning. My hygienist was amazing. She was gentle and thorough and while I felt embarrassed she was very kind and respectful. 2/3/16

 Everyone there is very professional, kind and knowledgeable. This visit I saw Maureen, Ashley and Dr. Stebbins and they're all great, I have total confidence in them which is a good feeling. 1/25/16

 I felt very comfortable with the office staff and the dental assistant Also Dr. Stebbins explained everything very clearly to me. Very happy all around 1/13/16

 Sonia was terrific! Excellent clinically and delightful person. Everyone was very cordial. Happy to be part of the practice! 12/24/15

 YOU guys do a great job, happy to refer friends and family if opportunity arises. Your reminder system is very helpful. 12/23/15

 You and your team provide highly effective professional services, and you render service in a cordial, friendly and informative atmosphere. Thanks. Merry Christmas to you and your staff. 12/15/15

Maureen is always very conscientious, friendly, and helpful. And Rene does a nice job greeting clients when they arrive. 12/9/15

 The entire staff is always pleasant, helpful and very professional.  11/25/15

 Maureen was excellent. Ashley is always responsive and informative.  11/18/15

 Loved it. Best experience 11/6/15

 My hygienist is very gentle, but thorough. Gives Great tips for continued healthy habits for my teeth. 11/6/15

 Sonia dental hygienist - very thorough and nice. Explained my exam results to me. 10/30/15

 Maureen was excellent. She was very knowledgeable and made sure I understood why my teeth and gums were acting the way they were. I learned more on a single visit to your office then in all of my 35 years (yes I am younger) of dental visits combined. Sonia was very good as well. Your billing and insurance manager was very good as well. 10/21/15

 Dr. Stebbins has a terrific,totally state of the art practice and all the staff are wonderful. You can tell when people are really care about their work and doing the best possible job. Dr. Stebbins treats his patients care and consideration. He always takes time to explain all the details and treatment options and you can tell he truly cares about providing the best possible dental care for his patients. Maurene Curran, the Hygienist I see there is the same way. Just terrific! 10/8/15


going to Dr. stebbins many years and completely satisfied 9/29/15

 Maureen was great! Painless and very professional. She and Dr. Stebbins explained my situation and next steps. I'd highly recommend them. 9/12/15

 The lady who cleaned my teeth was really nice and gave me lots of useful information. 9/2/15

 Great first impression! Nice office space, professional hygienist, and Dr. Stebbins is great! 8/12/15

 My daughter loved her first visit and is thrilled with her new dentist! And I didn't need to be in the room for her cleaning which is a first! 7/22/15

 I was very pleased with my visit.From yazmin to maureen and dr Stebbins,I'm very sorry I cannot remember the office staff names-you were all very nice.I tried to emphasis the importance of using all of my insurance and not having any suprises.I'm hoping to have my wife Maria join me at your office.The fact that you want feedback pleases me,keep up the good work. 7/1/15

Sonia did very well in cleaning my teeth and she is very nice. Thanks.  6/30/15

 going to,the dentist is always anxiety producing for me but this was the most pleasant dental experience I have had. Professional yet felt personal and the care given was excellent. Really well done. Thank you! 6/23/15

 I never liked going to the dentist, I actually look forward to seeing Maureen, Dr. Stebbins and of course the lovely ladies in the reception area! Always a pleasure. 6/23/15

I love my Dr. Dave, and everyone else that works there too! 6/21/15

 Our family absolutely loved that [our son] got a book for his first visit. We love this office and recommend it to everyone 6/17/15

Overall my experience with Dr. Stebbins and his team was, as usual, flawless. 6/4/15

 Dr Stebbins came in over Memorial Day weekend to see my son for an emergency visit. You can't ask for a better dentist 5/24/15

 Maureen is great! 5/20/15

 Sonia was a wonderful DH! So sweet and made me very comfortable - thank you! 5/20/15

 Thank you for being aware & sensitive to my 'dentist fear.' 5/19/15

 Dr. Stebbins is the best!!! Thanks so much!!! 5/10/15

 Would not change a thing. Great Service. Thanks 5/5/15

 Everyone was very nice & Dr. Stebbins seems very capable & caring. So thanks! 5/1/15

 Thanks for getting me a speedy appointment with an endodontist. 4/30/15

 It's always a pleasure going to your office. Don't change a thing 4/22/15

 I have learned about dental health from the dental health providers of this office more than any other office in all my years of going to the dentist. They speak professionally and with great knowledge. 4/21/15

 everyone was kind and exceeds customer service. very professional. 4/13/15

 Teeth feel awesome!!!! 4/7/15

 your hygenist was very pleasant and very through. 4/4/15

 My entire experience in Dr. David's dental practice was very professional with every person I came in contact with. The atmosphere is very calming and the staff made me feel very welcome. The hygienist did a wonderful job of cleaning my teeth. I will continue to recommend Dr. Stebbins to anyone who is looking for an excellent dentist. 3/20/15

 I always recommend everyone to Dr. Stebbins office. I have most of my department going to your office because of the awesome service. From front desk, billing, hygienist, and if course Dr. Stebbins, it's always a pleasant experience. I also want to say that Sonia Garcia is a great new addition to the office. She is pleasant, gentle, and knowledgable. Thank you so much for providing such great care!!! 3/18/15

Dr. stebbins please don't ever retire?? 3/12/15

This visit I worked with Ziara, Dr. Stebbins, and Ashley. Dr. Stebbin's office is such a wonderful environment. I always feel welcome and appreciated when I enter the office and I always feel as if my concerns are considered. Not only does your office do amazing work, but you have always been very willing to work with my finances. I remember when I found out that I needed to have three, yes THREE, crowns. I immediately saw dollar signs flying, but your whole team worked with me to figure out the best method of attack in order to use all of my dental benefits while saving as much as my out of pocket expenses as possible. At the time I was a recent college graduate and it felt great that you all considered my expenses and worked out a plan with me. Dr. Stebbins, you have been the BEST dentist a girl could ask for. Before I started seeing you, I HATED seeing the dentist, but you have changed that for me. Your bedside manner is unmatched and the team you have is amazing. Thank you! 3/10/15

I always feel cared for by all of the staff. The dental work is top notch.3/3/15

Maureen is great! Dr. Stebbins very thorough thank you 2/27/15

single best cleaning I ever had 2/8/15

No changes needed. Excellent service, wonderful staff would and do recommend to others often. 2/4/15

I always have a great experience when I come here. The office is so accommodating to schedules, and very prompt upon arrival. 2/4/15

Sonia was amazing. she was very thorough and informative. and a terrifically nice person. 1/23/15

As always, the visit went beautifully. Lovely staff, prompt service, and no pain. :-) 1/11/15

I thought Sonia Garcia was great.very sweet.professional.supportive. 1/11/15

Visit went well. Love Dr. Stebbins. He is the best!!! 1/10/15

Everyone there was very nice and put me at ease. Even though I am overwhelmed with the amount of work I need done it was thoroughly explained to me. I called the office with a question after the appt. and it was answered promptly. 1/9/15

Grat Visit. Sonia is wonderful. Thanks as always. Please send another appointment request to my wife. Happy New Year 1/7/15

I love Maureen! She makes me feel very comfortable and I know she looks out for the well being of my teeth at all times.1/6/15

Cleaning was painless. Checkup went well. Thank you Dr. Stebbins and Sonia. 1/6/15

Ashley and Maureen , great as always 12/26/14

"You guys" are the best!! Happy holidays to everyone! 12/12/14

I am so grateful for Dr. Stebbins and his wonderful staff! They take the best care of all of my familys dental needs. Thank you -12/10/14

Thank you, thank you. thank you. 12/4/14

All the staff I came in contact with are exceptional - friendly, professional and great at their jobs. 11/26/14

I'm someone who is comfortable knowing as much as possible, so I'm particularly grateful that Dr. Stebbins took the time to discuss patiently and with thorough detail the current problem areas with my teeth, which included showing me those areas on the x-rays, explaining terminology I was unfamiliar with, and being clear about what needs to be done and why, what needs to be monitored periodically, etc. The hygienist (Sonia) was very proficient and at the same time also helpfully instructive, explaining what she was doing and giving me useful and realistic tips about caring for my teeth throughout the cleaning. She shared specific observations that made me more aware of the current health of my teeth and gums. I'm very happy with the visit! 11/21/14

Everyone is always professional and friendly. The procedures are explained so I know what to expect. 11/13/14

I've never felt more comfortable in a dental office before. The staff always takes the time to welcome me and to make me feel as if they are happy to see me. I cannot think of any way to improve on the manner in which this office is run. The one thing I am most impressed by is the fact that Dr. Stebbins always makes the time to talk to the patient at the end of the visit, even when the service has been provided by support staff, e.g., a cleaning. 10/25/14

 Everyone in the office is always friendly and super helpful. We will miss Dorothy but Maureen is AWESOME. Ashley is always friendly and professional. 9/19/14

Everyone in the office is exceptionally friendly and professional.Thank you for taking care of me. 9/18/14

I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Stebbins abilities and advise. I truly can't think of anything lacking. 9/9/14

I really liked the new hygienist Sonia. She was very professional and explained everything she was doing. She also gave me helpful tips on brushing and flossing. 9/9/14

The technician that cleaned my daughter's teeth was excellent. She made my 3 year old feel very comfortable. 9/1/14

The visit was wonderful and I felt very well taken care of. I appreciated the professionalism of the entire staff, the way that Dr. Stebbins explained my x-rays and treatment plan. I also was happy that we could talk about the financial end of the treatment plan and visit since I don't have insurance. Thank you! 8/29/14

Best Dental Hygenist ever! Gentle, thorough, patient and professional. 6/11/14

was impressed that I was greeted by a "hello [name]" by Ashley, the receptionist/secretary (I think that's her name)rather than "What's your name?" which happens at most doctor's office when you enter. Gave me a much more relaxed personal feeling. Also, she called a number of times when there were cancellations to see if I would be interested in an earlier appointment. This very much impressed me. Maureen is great as a dental hygienist. Very professional but also has a casual friendly air which relaxes the patient. Dr. Stebbins also is low key so maintains the relaxed feeling in the examination. Or, should I say as relaxed as you feel with him since he is THE DENTIST! One of the scariest places we have to visit!!! 6/9/14

We are always treated very well during our visits to your office. We often refer your office to friends and aquantances who are looking for a new dental practice or complain of their own as we have nothing but great things to say about the entire staff!!! Thank you for all you do for us:) 6/3/14

Just a great professional with a friendly and professional team that uses upt--date technology that they have invested in learning and using well. 5/19/14

Nothing needs to change. Love my Dentist and his staff! 5/6/14

I have been seeing Dr. Stebbins since I was a kid. I've never had a bad experience. All of the people here are wonderful and always make you feel welcomed and happy to see you. 5/2/14

It is a wonderful visit to the dentist every time I go! Thank you to everyone in Dr. Stebbins' office. 4/29/14

Can't tell you how much I appreciated your team expediting the appointment so that I could make it on time to my next one! Also, there's nothing quite like being forced to go to another dentist to realize just how good you have it. So very glad to be back. 3/21/14

Please do not change anything or anyone. Even though no one ever looks forward to going to the dentist, your office is always a great place to visit! 3/6/14

I can't think of a thing you could do to improve your practice. I'm grateful to be your patient.... 2/11/14

Maureen did an excellent job of cleaning my teeth. She was very friendly and very knowledgeable about the care of my implants and gums. 2/10/14

Maureen is awesome! She is a real gem! Ashley is very welcoming and efficient. And I always feel like Dr. Stebbins has a personal interest in me. He and his staff are just so kind and caring! I wouldn't think of going anywhere else! And I do recommend them to everyone. 2/5/14

No recommendations. Why fix it if it isn't broken. I highly recommend this office to anyone that is asks me for a dentist! 1/21/14

 Thanks to Dr. Stebbins who saw me on Wednesday night and then again on Thursday for a dental emergency. You are the best!  1/17/14

 Everyone at the office is so helpful and kind. Dr. Stebbins and his crew make a visit to the dentist a very enjoyable experience. 1/9/14

 I have not met one person in this office who has not been an absolute delight to be around! Ashley is always so sweet on the phone when I have multiple questions or scheduling dilemmas. The girl I worked with last night was exceptional. (She did my cleaning and has a husband named Steve. I'm sorry, I don't remember her name!) Anyway, she was very personable and made me feel comfortable the entire time. Dr. Stebbins is just the best dentist I've ever had. This dental office is the ONLY office I regularly go to and actually don't mind visiting. I would recommend everyone come to Dr. Stebbins office! 1/3/14

 I am eight years old - I love the dentist. Dr. Stebbins was the best dentist. He was very kind and gentil. Thank you very much for my cleaning and my novacain. 12/28/13

 Zaira is excellent ! 12/20/13

 The front desk person was very courteous and very forthcoming about all the existing options. I think I wont be afraid to go to a dentist again as Dr Stebbins also made me comfortable as most of the dentists blame people for their teeth :) 12/14/13

 Dr Stebbins and his staff have always been very acomodating. Always concerned with my comfort and well being. Immaculate. i actually look forward to seeing everyone. LOL! Thank you. 12/4/13

 Everyone I encountered was most pleasant and professional. From my first call to set up the appointment, to the receptionist ( same woman?) to Dorothy, whose technique was wonderful,and Dr. Stebbins, I was more than satisfied. Given the opportunity, I would most certainly recommend the practice. 12/3/13

 You are doing a great job overall. great expertise and great service, a nice place to be.  11/28/13

 Every thing is fantastic . I have been coming to dr Stebbins 25 yrs now and would never change . My boys like to go also . Thank you for your excellent service . 11/27/13

 Ashley always helpful and responsive, Maureen is thorough and has a great rapport 11/22/13

 Appreciated the time and the care the dental hygienist took with me. Also Dr Stebbins was very helpful with explanations. 11/13/13

 I always feel that Maureen & Dr. Stebbins provide high quality care during my visits . Since I don't see you until January , Happy Holidays to all. 10/30/13

 I thought the woman who cleaned my teeth was great. She explained things as she went along, gave me time to rest when needed and was very professional and yet joyful. I would like to have her clean my teeth again, when needed. Sorry, I don't remember her name!! 10/29/13

 My family and I love this office, especially Maureen and Dr. Stebbins! We recommend this practice to all our friends and family. Thanks! 10/29/13

 I was completely happy with the services provided. Dorothy is a delightful and cheerful person. I always enjoy talking to her and she knows what she is doing. 10/24/13

Appreciated the time and the care the dental hygienist took with me. Also Dr Stebbins was very helpful with explanations. 11/13/13

Everyone was very professional and pleasant. 11/13/13

The sub for Maureen was very good and informative. Thanks. 11/13/13

I always feel that Maureen & Dr. Stebbins provide high quality care during my visits . Since I don't see you until January , Happy Holidays to all. 10/30/13

I thought the woman who cleaned my teeth was great. She explained things as she went along, gave me time to rest when needed and was very professional and yet joyful. I would like to have her clean my teeth again, when needed. Sorry, I don't remember her name!! 10/29/13

My family and I love this office, especially Maureen and Dr. Stebbins! We recommend this practice to all our friends and family. Thanks! 10/29/13

I was completely happy with the services provided. Dorothy is a delightful and cheerful person. I always enjoy talking to her and she knows what she is doing. 10/24/13

As always, your office provide a first rate user experience and top dental health care. I have to drive a considerable distance as I now live in Westchester, but I wouldn't consider switching dental care. Thanks to everyone on the staff and office. 10/20/13

It was fine...my main criteria is "no pain" and that was the case. Thanks! 9/24/13

All were most pleasant, in partucular your receptionist. 9/20/13

My experiences at Dr. Stebbins office have all been excellent. Everyone there is very nice and professional and I have a lot of confidence in his work. Also, the office is very clean and cheerful. 9/20/13

I am very impressed with your practice, from Ashley handling all of my pre-appointment paperwork to having my crown completed in the same day. I am most grateful for your consideration of my anxiety over dental visits and knowing you will work with me to make future visits as stress free (and pain free) as possible is fantastic. Thank you! 9/11/13

I actually love coming to the office because of how friendly everyone is. I wouldn't change a thing! 9/10/13

As always, visits to Dr. Stebbins and his staff are a pleasure - even though they cost money and who likes having work done no their teeth! :-) Everyone on staff is friendly, pleasant and professional. I have never waited for an appointment. The care from Dr. Stebbins and his associates is exceptional. My recent visit was my second emergency one for lost filings and each time I was offered an immediate office visit. I couldn't be more pleased with all aspects of my dental care and experiences with Dr. Stebbins and his team. 9/7/13

Dr. Stebbins was very knowledgeable and gracious, especially since I was a walk-in for product, and yet he took the time to see me personally and provide advice. 9/7/13

I appreciated Dr. Stebbins' honest appraisal of my endodotic problem and his effort to try and save my tooth. 9/4/13

I picked your office via internet, I asked' to see a dentist who specialist in costmetic dental work, I've not had the best experience in the past. As I was browsing for the best Dentist in the Norwalk area Dr. Stebbins was the first on the list and serveral follow, but I kept coming to this office and so I called and made my first appointment, I felt at east and I asked his assistant is he a good dentist she tells me he is GREAT!!! therefore I hope when my work is final I can come back and give you some more positive feeback...9/1/13

This was the most pleasant experience I have had at a dental office in many years....I am so happy that [my friends] recommended Dr Stebbins to us! 8/24/13

I'm very impressed with your use of electronic communication. I like the email confirmation, the couple of additional reminders, and the email reminding me of my next appointment. 7/11/13

I specifically dealt with Ashley and Maureen during this last visit. Both are extremely professional yet approachable and comfortable to work with. in fact, I can't say enough good things about Dr. Stebbins and his staff. My family members are also extremely satisfied with Dr. Stebbins, the office staff, and the excellence service provided. Thank you! 7/10/13

Very professional staff. Quiet and welcoming office surroundings. Pleasure to be treated at Dr. Stebbins office. 6/26/13

Wonderful experience! I've had terrible experiences in the past with dental work, so this was a tremendous relief to go and be treated and spoken to with respect! I have anxiety when it comes to getting any sort of dental work done (and I've had it all done!) but the visit was relaxing and Dorothy was wonderful. Thank you! 6/26/13

Maureen is a true professional. Depth of knowledge and experienced 6/21/13

If you made me more comfortable, I could sleep through my apppointment, as I almost did yesterday. You are the best. 6/18/13

Both my father and myself could not be happier with everyone at your office and the care that he is receiving. 6/12/13

My overall experience was awesome. Dorothy is wonderful and Dr. Stebbins was great. At all times I felt comfortable and in good hands. Thank you!!!!! 6/5/13

Being a new patient I am very pleased with how friendly & professional everyone is in the office. I am very happy I switched to your office. 5/19/13

I absolutely love Ashley, she's always professional and friendly and on top of her game. The lovely lady who does my cleaning is amazing, I have been with her for a while now and enjoy her company during every visit (I'm sorry I don't remember her name, I'm bad with that). Dr Stebbins is wonderful. I always have a great experience there, keep up the great work! Ps the txt message confirmations are a great idea, very convenient. 5/14/13

Maureen was extremely helpful with information with hygiene info. I always feel like family when I visit. 5/14/13

Maureen is the best! Dr. Stebbins explained options for a bridge to my satisfaction and the office will follow up on options covered by my insurance. Excellent customer service. Only complaint is the number of email reminders. One less would be enough. 4/10/13

Dorothy and dr stebbins were wonderful and put my son at ease. Dorothy really knows how to relate to and talk to kids 4/10/13

I like to stick with Maureen because she always does a great job, has never caused me any problems, and is very easy to talk with. The time always flies by and I don't even pay attention to what she's doing in my mouth. Everyone in the office is always super nice and I really don't mind going to the dentist anymore! 4/5/13

I referred a family to your office within 24 hrs. of my visit. 3/21/13

A good experince..thanks 3/6/13

Very well run. 2/18/13

Everyone was excellent. 2/15/13


The staff in the office is always extremely friendly and welcoming. I love the flexibility in appointment times and being able to come in well before work. 2/13/13

Renee was friendly at the front desk & introduced herself immediately. Maureen was great. Met me in the waiting room, introduced herself, & during the course of the cleaning, knowing I was nervous & apprehensive, asked "are you doing ok?" She chatted in a friendly manner & made me feel very comfortable. I appreciate this as this was the major reason I left my previous dentist/hygenist. The hygenist I had had for years had retired & I was referred to this new gal who I did not like AT ALL! She was too cut & dry & had no "bedside manner." Dr. Stebbins was professional & seemed nice too. He pointed out how I could improve my flossing since he noticed I was cutting into the gum (!!??!!) Anything to maintain healthy teeth is appreciated. So, overall, it was a positive experience & I wouldn't say I'm looking forward to my next visit as I'm not a fan of any doctor, but at least I think I will feel less fearful & more at ease. And, I thank you for that. _2/8/13

Maureen is the best. Period. 2/5/13

I have never had a permanent dentist ever due to bad experience but I believe I have finaly found one! Dr.Stebbins and crew helped me wile I was in dire need and got me an immediat appointment, and treated me as a long time patient. Once my rootcanal is finished I will most certainly make a follow up appointment and schedule a cleaning! 1/29/13

I am very happy with your service and have recommended Dr. Stebbins to many families. 1/17/13

This was one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had at a Dentist's office. I was extremely impressed with Dr. Stebbin's vast knowledge and down to earth personality. I felt I could trust him implicitly. I was in a dire situation when I called Dr. Stebbin's late Tuesday night with a broken crown and a cracked tooth. Even on the phone, he put my mind at ease and told me "no problem, I will take care of it" and that is exactly what he did. It took less than 45 minutes for the procedure! I have never found a dentist so willing to help a new client and give them the greatest service. I feel so fortunate to have had this experience. Dr. Stebbins is the greatest dentist ever!!!! 1/11/13

You guys really are wonderful and I'm not just being nice. 10/25/12

First Class in every aspect. Maureen was great! 8/30/12

class outfit doc, all the way 8/16/12

I just have only good things to say about my dr Stebbins office and his wonderful friendly staff . I just love that my children like to go there and trust Dr Stebbins and he explains all that he is going to do. 8/16/12

Honestly, your operation is one of the most professional and client friendly experiences I've ever had. Every aspect of my visit from the reception, appointment making, billing, and the super clean facility, to the work of the dental staff and, of course, Dr. Stebbins, was first rate. I especially appreciated the concern shown for any pain I might have experienced. This practice has a lot to be proud of. Good job everybody! 8/10/12

My daughter and I had a fantastic visit. It takes a very kind and patient person to take care of little 5 year old teeth. We can't wait for our next visit. They are just too far in between! 2/18/10

Maureen was wonderful: positive,upbeat and very professional.She made it easy sitting in the chair to get cleaned after being a bad boy and not seeing you for a long time.Her positive support was very refreshing. I didn't catch the name of your receptionist on 1/7/2012 but she was very positive and informative. I was also impressed your new high tech approach.You are all doing a great job. Happy New year!! 1/8/12

I only wish I'd heard about you a few yrs ago! Maureen gave me the best teeth cleaning I've ever had! Rene was so kind to go over payment plans, schedule an appt for me, etc etc. Gail was warm and friendly when I arrived. Ashley was very understanding when I had to cancel my husband's appt at the last minute due to illness.I'd highly recommend family and friends to your practice anytime! Thank you! 9/28/10

Everyone from Dorothy, Dr.Stebbins, and Ashley (I hope I have the names straight), were welcoming and provided great service and attention...fantastic first time visit! Thanks. 4/16/10

I think things are perfect the way they are now. I was made to feel very comfortable, i.e., I was offered television (channel of my choice), or music. Dr. Stebbins is very caring as is his staff. I've always hated the dentist but this is a totally new experience for me! 4/22/10

A great team you have going - I'm so nervous coming into a dentist office and you all make me start to feel comfortable. Many thanks. Love your new surroundings. 6/21/12

I meet Dr. Stebbins about 10 yrs ago when I had dental problems a couple of days before my vacation. I was taken in immediately. Not only is he a personable man but a professional dentist and has taken good care of my teeth (along with making me take better care of my teeth). I trust him completely and would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for everything. P.S. His staff is is group of top-notch terrific people who have always treated me with kindness and respect. I consider all of you a dental blessing!!! 3/23/11

Dr. Stebbins and his team are professional, personable, and always willing to listen and accommodate my needs as best as possible. I absolutely love when I call I get to talk to a living breathing person in stead of a "menu" that I have to deal with at other medical offices. Thank you!!! 6/4/12

Your patience and caring in my precarious and most uncomfortable position was Greatly Appreciated and valued. It is a huge relief to feel that I am properly being taken care of and regret not leaving my previous dentist years ago. I also appreciate the explanation(s) along the way regarding what was being done, or about to be done and why. Despite my condition at the time, it was a much better experience that any previous. The receptionist even remembered my name, and Dr. Stebbins picked up the phone when he saw it was me calling even though the office was closed and he was on his way out, that was huge. Thank You so much. Best Regards & Happiest of Holidays 10/10/10

Both Renee and Ashlee were very nice and helpful. Nurse Zaira was patient and even went out her way to explain how to correctly use dental floss etc to me. I'm very pleased to have such a great team (of course Dr. Stebbins is great too) to take care of my dental care! 10/25/11

I really liked that the hygienist and dentist were so thorough. I liked that Dr. Stebbins took his time to explain and show/explain the dental x-rays. I will definitely refer people to your office. The front desk staff was warm and inviting. Thank you. 5/22/12

Great team. This was my first visit to you and your practice and I was pleased. Dr Stebbins and all members of his team that I met were extremely pleasant, helpful and very professional. You've definitely found 2 new long-term patients in my husband and I. 4/13/11

I always am comfortable and treated excellently at Dr. Stebbins office. Everyone is always friendly and nice. Dr. Stebbins is a fantastic dentist. 3/1/10

Thanks for fitting me in. I called at 830 you saw me at 11 and at 130 I had a root canal and by 230 was home feeling so much better. Thank you for taking care of it and not making me wait another day! 3/29/12

It was a pleasant and easy experience from appointment to visit. I especially liked my hygienist who made the cleaning process painless. 9/20/10

Overall the experience was very comfortable and welcoming. I would certainly recommend Dr. Stebbins to others who are seeking dental care. 1/17/12

Maureen is great. I feel very comfortable with the care I'm getting from her and her ability to identify dental issues. 4/5/11

since I have started coming to see Dr.Stebbins and Maureen, I actually look forward to my dentist appointments!! I always highly recommend you all to anyone who asks. 6/18/12

It was an excellent appt and I thought it was the best cleaning I've had in years. I look forward to taking care of some of the issues that need to be dealth with. 8/6/10

I was very pleased and happy with the manner in which the staff treated my mother who suffers from alzheimers. Well done!! 12/4/1 

The staff, including Dr. Stebbins, were very competent and nice. The receptionist--the first face of the office--was particularly perky and gentle, setting the tone for the treatment that was to follow. Thank you. 2/11/11

Rene with a smile, The hygeinest Dorothy was excellent and kudos to Dr.Stebbins who is always very professional and kind. A+ to the staff. 4/18/10

The dental hygenists were so kind and children friendly. My child had a great experience. 2/2/12

Extremely satisfactory discussion of options. 6/22/11

The office is top-notch! I notice that there are specific "comforts" in place for patients such as The Norwalk Hour and a water cooler. The office staff is friendly and highly professional. Quite honestly, I think you've got it covered! 7/6/12

I commend all the staff in your office specially Rene and Maureen including the doctor. You guys are great and I'm very happy and satisfied with the service in your office . 7/19/11

Going to the Dentist is not in my list of Favorite Things to Do, however, the hygenist made my cleaning a good experience. She was very patient and understanding of my sensitivity to being in "the chair." Thanks! 12/10/10

Dorothy was my hygienist and made sure, as always, that I was comfortable. She is great. 6/22/11

I am very happy to have found your office. Renee, Ashley, and Maureen have been extremely helpful with trying to figure out some issues relating to transferring to this office. Thank you! 4/14/11 

The staff was friendly and professional. The service was excellent. Quite pleased with the experience! 6/24/11

Everyone in the office is always professional and friendly. Dorothy is great! 4/25/11 

Thank you for making my son's first dental experience a good one. He was quite nervous prior to his appointment but Dorothy put him at ease from the very start. 2/10/12

Maureen my dental hygienist was excellent and Dr. Stebbins was awesome. Thank you all. 10/7/11

The dental hygenists were excellent with my child. Dr stebbins was excellent too! 2/2/1 

I can't imagine that anyone else gets the same greeting that I get whenever I come to your office!Always happy to be there... 4/25/12 

Ashley was very efficient at the front desk and dealing with the finances of my providing my credit card information in advance for my son Bryans 3:00 appt. Dorothy was a pleasure to have as my hygienist. Always a pleasure to see Dr Stebbins! Love your new office and single practice. I'll actually come back in 6 months now! 4/15/11

Excellent staff, friendly and helpful. Both hygienists give thorough hygiene procedures. Dr. Stebbins is an exceptional professional, kind and patient and explains procedures in a manner I can understand. Pleasant atmosphere in the office is one of congeniality and cohesiveness. 3/30/11

The front desk staff was great. I loved Dorothy and of course Dr. Stebbins was very professional, friendly and thorough as well. 6/3/11

Dr. Stebbins is the ideal great Dentist. Gentle, friendly, and efficient. What more could you ask for? 3/24/10

As ever, my treatment was professional and comfortable. I really don't dislike having a dental appointment any more. 3/24/10

Firstly, I would like to thank Dr. Stebbins for taking me on short notice as he did. My husband and I got stuck in traffic on I95 when we were coming and I called on my cell phone to explain. Whoever I spoke with could not have been nicer. While what I had to undergo that day was pretty awful for starters (2 extractions) Dr. Stebbins was super careful, super explanatory, just super under the circumstances. 5/20/10

Love the new office. Glad the girls came with you. All is great. 2/3/10

You provide a role model for all dentist offices! Pure joy for me everytime. :-) 9/21/11

Maureen is a real professional. She is up to date on the industry (I asked her about radiation levels of dental xrays and she gave me a great, comforting answer) and is friendly and pleasant. She also does a GREAT job at cleaning without leaving me a bloody mess! 2/8/11

Maureen was wonderful as usual. She makes a teeth cleaning appointment as pleasant as possible for a teeth cleaning appointment! 2/14/12

Every person I have met there is extremely kind and knowledgeable... thanks! 10/4/10

I felt very comfortable with everyone, the office was very clean, everyone was polite and the gal who did my x-rays very nice. Dr. Stebbins was very personable and knowledgeable and explained everything to me very well and gave me options. I feel happy and confident knowing I will be coming there for my dental needs. 6/29/11

Maureen was excellent. I really like the fact that I did not get a "scolding" for not having been back to see you for a few years. I know what I am supposed to do.....whether I am able to follow through or not has to do with me and what is going on in my life... Anyway, thank you Maureen! - I felt like I was in competent hands, and was not made to feel guilty over my own dental delinquency. See you soon. 8/30/10

i was very appreciative that your office fit me in with my trauma/emergent situation. everyone was very friendly, supportive and accomodating. i know i will have several more visits in my future due to the mouth trauma, but i know i will be in good hands so that is very comforting to know. 8/6/11

Everyone from the receptionist to the Nurse and the Dentist were so nice and very helpful. This was hands down the best Dentist visit I have ever had! Thank You all so much!!!!!!!! 1/19/11

The hygenist in talking with me about my history discovered a potentially dangerous situation that had developed at my previous dentist and took a complimentary x-ray which proved that indeed there was a potentially dangerous situation brewing. This was why I left my previous dentist as I had a gut feeling as wellas tooth feeling that something was botched and he wasn't telling me or going to do anything about it. I like the fact that via this survey you are actually staying in tune with your patients! 1/29/10

Everyone was very friendly and helpful. The atmosphere was calm and the office was bright and cheerful. The music was relaxing. 4/28/10

Best dental experience possible, always consistent, that's why I drive from Newtown ! 8/9/10

Dorothy, my new hygenist, was wonderful. I had no pain during or after the appointment. My teeth felt 100% clean. Thank you!!! She is highly recommended! 1/22/10

Maureen was wonderful. She explained how to thoroughly brush, take care of his teeth and talked him through what was being done at the moment so he wasn't nervous. 3/31/10

Both gals at the front desk were very cordial. This was the first time Dorothy had done my cleaning and she was great. I look forward to seeing her again. 4/28/10

I enjoy having my dental care provided by you and your associates. The best experience with dentistry I have ever had! Thank you, 5/18/10

We came in very early, first visit for my son and I. Maureen was terrific and made us so comfortable. She was great during both our cleanings and explained options for better oral care to both of us. Neither my son nor I had any pain after our cleanings - a first! We felt well taken care of after seeing the Dr. and appreciated all the good care. We are both so happy we changed our dentist and wish we had done so sooner! Thank you! 10/14/11

One of the best dental experiences I've ever had. 9/2/10

Who did I meet during my dental visit? I met the warm and friendly staff at Dr. Stebbins' office! Every one of his staff members is friendly and professional. My recommending Dr. Stebbins to my family and friends speaks for itself. 7/3/12

The dental hygentist was very engaging and remembered me from a previous visit- Maureen correct? She was very helpful and had the right sense of patient care to make me feel like a valued client. And always good to see you too, Dr. Dave—11/24/10

Dorothy was very pleasant and did a great job. Dr. Stebbins was his usual pleasant self. Everything went fine and I like the new offices. 7/7/10

Maureen did a great job, exlaining the cancer screening process which I was not fully aware of. 5/24/12

The hygenist was wonderful and made me feel comfortable...which I REALLY needed! She also gave me some information. Dr. Stebbins was also phenomenal. Thanks. Everyone was great! 8/19/11

Everyone I met was upbeat, enthusiastic and professional. It was nice to go to a dentist office where everyone seemed to really enjoy what they were doing. I particularly liked the pictures that Michelle reviewed with me so that I could completely understand my dental situation. The pictures helped me understand why a more proactive approach is necessary. A great first appointment. 2/24/12

I appreciate that fact that even for a cleaning you see both the dental hygientist and the dentist. I liked the team effort for each and every patient. 10/25/11

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